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Before the Light (2012)

Genres: Biography, History, War

Date aired: 2012

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Watch Before the Light full movie online. Synopsis: From Badr International comes the long-awaited series, Animated Stories of Islam, relating some of the great stories that took place before, during and after the Prophet Muhammad. Before the Light, the first film in the 3-part series, relates significant events that took place before the birth of Prophet Muhammad. It is a story of miracles - the miraculous discovery of the well of zamzam, and then, centuries later, the miracle of its rediscovery by the Prophet's grandfather Abdulmuttaleb; the miracle of his father Abdullah's life; and finally, the miracle during the Year of the Elephant, the year the Prophet was born. There miraculous stories - all works of God - prepared the way for the message of Islam to shine bright during Muhammad's Prophethood, and for centuries to come.

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